Covid-19… Thank you!

The world stopped for a moment… At last..!

Our western society has been like a train running out of control, seemingly impossible to get off (unless you have a burnout and you fall off of it of course..!). All our fears have put what is important, like love, compassion, fun and real human connection, in the background. “I’m miserable at work, but what would I do otherwise, I need to pay the bills… Or…what if I don’t have a good score on this test or a good grade…I will end up being a nobody! The planet we live on..? Of course we care about it, but who has the time and energy to do something about it? What could I do about it, I’m just a little person..!” People who got depressed or had other mental or emotional issues seemed to become the norm, and at the same time we’ve been asking ourselves why people are not feeling well…

I know the title of this blog post can be provocative and upsetting for some, and I think the reactions and feelings about this situation are unique to every individual. But I haven’t felt this serene in a long time, and first I thought it was a bit strange because I’m not supposed to feel like this, right..? I’ve talked to others who have felt the same calmness and also thinking it was weird. 

I know there has been pain and suffering because of the virus, but things are not black or white, good or bad. There are a lot of shades in between. Of course it’s wise to take safety measures, just like putting on a seat belt when we get into a car. But it wouldn’t serve us very well to freak out everytime we needed to take the car, even though there are deadly risks involved.

To me, it’s been like the calm after a storm, and the nature on our planet finally got a moment to rest and breathe. The air is cleaner and the water is more clear. In Paris they haven’t had this clean air for 40 years! A good, growing economy is not a bad thing. But since we cannot eat money, how would a good economy help us if the earth could no longer give us anything to eat? Luckily we’re continually finding ways to consume with respect for the invironment. When we don’t find balance in life and we use up all our body’s energy and resourses without resting, we get sick. The same goes for our planet…

I’ve seen so many positive sides to this situation. During this period, every night at 8pm people in the city came together (well, some stuck their heads out the window at least!) to connect and show each other support. They clapped, cheered and played music for a few minutes. The ambience was magic! People are now finding ways to communicate with each other, through music and art… Isn’t that what we are longing for in a way? Maybe we also start understanding now that wherever we come from, and wherever we live in the world, we’re all sitting in the same boat. What happens in one end of the boat affects the other end. 

Every day during the lockdown I went walking, and instead of the frenzy traffic I could hear the birds! The few people I saw looked so peaceful and smiling as they passed me by. It was beautiful! I guess they are the kind of people that don’t feed themselves with too much scary news, and don’t let fear based thoughts govern their minds. The kind that choose to enjoy every day they have on this beautiful planet. When we watch the same scary news day in and day out we kind of have the same reaction as little children when they trip and fall…they seem fine until they see a worried parent rushing toward them. Then they’re all of a sudden in agonizing pain..! 😀

The expression “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself” rings true to me, because fear is worse than the danger itself! Being cautious is one thing, fear is another. Fear causes violence, hatred, judgment and divide, and it also hinders us from living fully and freely.

One of these walks took me to a hill one afternoon. I sat for a while watching the sun glimmering in the sea and I felt so blissful. I saw some seagulls gliding around peacefully, and they never questioned if the air was going to continue supporting their wings or not. They’re not afraid and they don’t need trust or courage to fly. They just know they’re being supported…

I am not saying that this situation is great, but every painful and unpleasant experience also has a positive side to it, just like a coin has two sides. Are we learning something very valuable here? Is this the perfect moment to reset the way we see life and what is really important? This crisis, just like any crisis, has the power to connect people in a different and delightful way, and I believe that’s exactly what the world needs right now…

How do you feel about this historic event yourself? Has it been a scary experience or do you recognize some of the things I’ve been feeling? If you want to share your thoughts and feelings, leave a comment or write me an email! It would be interesting to read about your experience!

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