The Fear Paradigm

What in the world is going the world..? Well, everything that’s come to me lately shows that we’re in for a great shift. For hundreds and hundreds of years we’ve lived in a paradigm where dominans, cruelty, competition, greed, divide and suffering has been the predominant influential energy. I want to call it “The … Continue reading The Fear Paradigm

Covid-19… Thank you!

The world stopped for a moment... At last..! Our western society has been like a train running out of control, seemingly impossible to get off (unless you have a burnout and you fall off of it of course..!). All our fears have put what is important, like love, compassion, fun and real human connection, in … Continue reading Covid-19… Thank you!

Heaven on Earth

Have you ever been in a situation that made you very angry or sad, while another person experiencing the same thing wasn't bothered at all? Sometimes it seems like we, or people around us, end up in the same situation over and over. Like we somehow attract the things we want the least! Most often … Continue reading Heaven on Earth

Stuck in a loop…

How challenging life can be sometimes, don't you think? There are moments when we feel like nothing is going right and we're wondering what the point is of it all. It can even get to the point where the pain is so unbearable that we don't want to stick around anymore. We just want to … Continue reading Stuck in a loop…

Life’s a b*tch and then you die..(?)

Well, think about your struggles and contemplate this for a minute... What would a flower seed become with only sunlight? Doesn't it also need rain to grow and flourish, and become the beautiful flower it's meant to be? Do you feel like your job drags you down and stresses you out, thinking “Is this really … Continue reading Life’s a b*tch and then you die..(?)

Oh this persistent loneliness…

We're all like fearful children until we realize that home and security reside inside of us and have always done so. I've never met anybody who said they've never felt lonely, and I bet you have felt lonely too sometimes. Even if we have a family and lots of friends who love us we can … Continue reading Oh this persistent loneliness…

Highly Sensitive..? What’s… oookay..!?

Have you heard about the "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome"? Well, I hadn't until one evening when I stumbled upon a TED talk (click the link below and check it out!). I certainly have that "syndrome"..! 😀 Every time I go to a restaurant my friends quickly choose what they want to eat. Me, I'd like to have … Continue reading Highly Sensitive..? What’s… oookay..!?