The Fear Paradigm

What in the world is going on…in the world..? Well, everything that’s come to me lately shows that we’re in for a great shift. For hundreds and hundreds of years we’ve lived in a paradigm where dominans, cruelty, competition, greed, divide and suffering has been the predominant influential energy. I want to call it “The Fear Paradigm”, because all of these behaviours ultimately stem from fear. For many generations, from a very early age, we’ve been moulded into this paradigm. Even though we may have been sick and tired of how things are, we’ve kind of accepted that that’s life and we just have to suck it up. We may even have come to think that it’s human nature to behave like that.

A constant state of fear or fury, stresses our body out and we cannot think clearly. In addition, it weakens the immune system which is something we don’t want, and certainly don’t need right now..! It also makes us point fingers, blame each other and turn against one other for having different points of view. A few images and statements here and there that certain supplies will not be available in the supermarkets and we start fighting each other. Even over a roll of toilet paper…

But I feel very excited, and so many others with me around the world. Because something is simmering under the surface and wants to pierce the veil of fear. It’s like two parallel worlds, or currents – The Fear Paradigm that stirs up anger, pettiness, manipulation, divide and despair… and the other current that carries courage, integrity, dignity, love, truth, freedom, compassion, solidarity and humour.

The media, and especially the news, display a lot of turmoil, rage, and worrisome and alarming images. The other current unveils creative human beings who want to inspire us and make us cheerful, and whose initiatives and creations show us all the human kindness and generosity we have around us. “Ordinary” people gather to help others, without relying on any power outside of themselves to make a change. They show us who we really are as humans, at the core of our being, when fear is not present. That is what I call  “The Love Paradigm”, because Love is where humour, inspiration, courage, kindness, solidarity and generosity arise from.

It seems to me that the situation we’re facing right now actually helps us to disintegrate The Fear Paradigm, and it finally comes crumbling down. But it won’t happen in the blink of an eye. It’ll go down kickin’ and screaming, like a corrupt politician being exposed and stripped off his executive powers. So we will still see scary scenarios, and that’s when we need our courage, and trust in our common sense, so we can see things clearly. Just like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ when she realized that the great, powerful and authoritative wizard was only an illusory projection of a frail, little old man.

The louder the current of Fear barks, the more powerful the stream of Love seems to get.

So yes, it is indeed a very shakin’ shock and rickety road for so many people right now. But, as you might have experienced in your own life, sometimes we need a big enough shock to wake us up. To see who we really are and the power and light we all have inside of us.

Writing this I come to think of the latest Star Wars movie where even the strongest and most courageous person of them all, the protagonist Rey, has moments of fear. Her fear comes from doubting herself. She fears her past, her own dark side, and her power. She even doubts the goodness and strength inside of her. This fear makes her weak for a moment, and her power diminishes, until she receives insights that help her remember who she really is. In one of the scenes she is in the underground, faced with a fierce beast. Someone before her has tried to conquer the beast with violence and has left a nasty wound. But she decides to master her fear, and instead she slowly moves closer and heals its’ wound with compassion. The beast then peacefully retreats and gives way for the light to come in through an opening so they can escape from there.

We all have our own, individual perspective on what’s happening in the world of course. Some of you might see the opposite of what I’m seeing, which I can definitely understand. But in my personal perspective, what we’re going through now, both inside of us and in our society as a whole, is like the pain and agony one can feel when giving birth. We’re slowly starting to see things in a different light, and with a broader, higher perspective, and this paves the way for a new paradigm to be born…

The Love Paradigm.

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